Shawei Digital’s Autumn Birthday Party and Team Building Activities

On October 26, 2021, all employees of Shawei Digital Technology gathered again and held an Autumn Team Building Activity, and used this activity to celebrate the birthday of some employees. The purpose of this event is to thank all employees for their active tackling, unity, and hardworking spirit in the face of difficulties in the industry and contradictions between supply and demand, which allowed Shawei to thrive and continue to move forward.

This activity was launched in the form of an outdoor outing. The mood of the employees was relaxed when they saw the pleasant scenery and sunny weather.

When they arrive at the destination, they can enjoy a variety of desserts, fruits, and take a relax.


After all the employees are assembled, it is everyone's favorite part "BBQ"! BBQ's ingredients are rich, meat is fresh, and seasonings are complete, just waiting for them to play and cook their own delicious dishes.


Next comes the after-dinner entertainment activities, chatting, playing games, taking pictures, walking the dog...

After that, we had a fierce and happy "tug-of-war competition", with interesting challenges between men and women, as well as competition between the two teams of mixed men and women. Everyone went all out to release their energy to win the final prize.


After a day's time passed, everyone went home in great spirits. In the future, everyone will continue to strengthen collaboration, and sincerely do everything possible! Build a better Shawei together!

Post time: Nov-13-2021