Print head maintenance

Print heads are most likely to block the orifices due to improper printing time, improper use of ink, or don’t use for a long time makes nozzle clogging. We must be very early to deal with, resulting in loss should not be.
For print normal, but the lack of color, or under the mode of high resolution, image printing blurred, this kind of slight clogging situation, we can choose the machine automatic cleaning function. But for the printing process frequent cleaning nozzle, the print effect is still poor or serious clogging nozzle, this situation can only be used manual cleaning method.
Manual cleaning method is not complicated, should not be cleaned too many times should not be too frequent. Manual cleaning method is to use syringes and rubber tube, cleaning fluid and other tools, and then use the syringe to the cleaning fluid into the nozzle.

Post time: Dec-13-2020